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Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning NJ

Whether you’re working with chairs, couches, or sofa beds, regularly cleaning and caring for your furniture pieces will protect them and help them look like new for years to come. However, not all products are safe to use and not every technique thought to be beneficial for upholstery actually is. We would like to explain our process so that you will have no doubts that your furniture will be handled with great care and yes, your upholstery will continue to look like new year after year. Here is our process at The Cleanest Room NJ!

First, if there has been a recent stain or soiling, it is important to get to the area in question as soon as possible. This will prevent the stain from setting in and increase your chances of completely removing it. Contact Us soon if this is the case!

For general cleaning, we make sure that the area is cleaned properly whether dry cleaning or by gently vacuuming any topical debris or heavy dust that may be on top. Next, we begin the main upholstery cleaning process. After the initial cleaning, we apply an enzyme over the area, let sit for 10 minutes and then use a dry brush to hand scrub and remove loose particles, pet dander, loosen stains, and bring dust and dirt to the surface. The enzyme application helps break up these particles and stains.

Once this process is completed we vacuum your couch so we’re not rubbing in the dirt and debris we just loosened. We then run the cleaner using warm water over the fabric in a grid like fashion until all areas of the chair are covered.
Note: Always be careful when using “cleaning agents”. While the stain or dirty area may get cleaned, many agents are harmful to the actual upholstery material and will solve the immediate problem of the stain, but break down the fabric over time, thereby damaging your furniture over the long term. We recommend using only natural products, distilled water, and extreme care when “scrubbing”. Heavy elbow grease is not needed to remove stains, proper techniques and quick response times are.

The benefits vary from the basics of removing stains, not having to purchase new furniture, remove pet dander and prevent allergies, food, crumbs and other stains. Once dry it leaves the appearance of a fresh new chair. Results vary based on age and types of material, however extraction of dirt and stains is very effective regardless.

Most furniture gets worn down over time, not because of the quality of the furniture, but due to neglect and proper maintenance. As dirt and grit resides on fibers, normal usage will rub and grind those debris particles into the fibers which will tear them apart and break them down.

Over time this destroys surfaces and materials like upholstery. Even if your furniture didn’t have a heavy stain accident recently, we recommend a general cleaning every 6-12 months depending on the usage of the furniture. Regularly cleaning your upholstery and upkeep solves this problem and makes furniture last a life time.

Contact Us today to schedule an upholstery cleaning. We will make your furniture look brand new!