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Power Washing

Power Washing Ocean City NJ

Would you like to restore your home to that “Like New” look it had years ago. Power washing your home in New Jersey is a great way to do just that. Our weather in NJ is rough and tough and blows all kinds of debri when the storms get cranking. The dirt and grime they leave behind will take a toll on any home and begin to dull the homes “once bright” appearance. In addition, moss can form along with mold and other unwanted environmental byproducts of weather and time.

When you want your home to look its best, whether you’re selling it, leasing it out, or you simply want to clean it up; power washing is one of the best techniques for cleaning the house in its entirety. So, lets break the service down by definition and see if power washing would be right for you!

What is power washing?

Power washing is the simple process of removing all dirt, grime, dust, mold and mud from your home or floors through the use of high pressure water. Usually the water is hot so that you can eliminate all dirt properly and safely, and this also helps to eradicate mold and kill bacteria.

It’s used for many of the following:

  • Cleaning sidewalks
  • Washing exterior walls
  • Washing concrete
  • Stone Driveways
  • Removing chewing gum and other sticky substances
  • Eradicating mold and mildew
  • Cleaning windows and doors
  • Removing paint

The hot water in your power washer comes in large volumes, and you can change the temperature or pressure at any time on the machine to match the job.

Pressure washing or power washing?

You might be thinking that power washing is the same as pressure washing, but there is one key difference: power washing uses hot water, pressure washing uses cold, or simple tap water.

Why is power washing important?

Throughout the year, your home suffers. Snow, wind, rain, storms, debris, dust – all of this can hit your home at any given time – and much of it sticks! Not only that, but cold weather can cause your paint to chip or crack.

Power washing will ensure all debris, mold, mildew, spider webs, chipped paint, and so on, is removed from your home before it creates a bigger problem.

When should you power wash?

One of the most common times people use power washing services is when they are considering repainting their home. Having your home power washed prior to painting is imperative if you want the paint to stick. The cleaner your home is before you paint, the longer the new coat will last.

It’s also a good idea if you want to keep your home in top condition that you have power washing completed at least once a year, if not seasonal. Every season brings with it different challenges and looking after your home is essential to a long, happy life.

What types of siding are best for it?

Power washing is fantastic for cleaning vinyl, aluminum and wood siding.

Is it safe?

100%. Using a professional to power wash your property will ensure that harmless detergent is used, rather than harsh chemicals. They will also clean up any major debris piles after the clean is finished, and will ensure they are wearing the proper clothing to prevent any harm from mold or bacteria. We also follow strict EPA regulations.

DIY vs Professional Power Washing

Although cleaning the exterior of your home, your driveway or your patio floors might seem easy enough, it’s actually more complicated than it looks. Its not that power washing is super difficult to do, its just that making just one mistake can be very costly. Power washing the right surface at the wrong speed can damage the surfaces you are trying to clean. You also want to ensure the right detergent is used, the correct pressure and temperature – or you could risk damaging your property. We also offer insurance if anything did go wrong, and we’re more cost effective – we’ll get the job done right, the first time!

Your best bet is to leave the headaches to us and enjoy the results instead. Our team are experienced in power washing and can have your home looking amazing in no time.