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Should I Have My Carpet Cleaned After The Summer?

Cleaning the carpets after the summer has been deemed a myth for quite a long time. Many people perceive it as a fad. Carpet cleaning is an endeavor that can be undertaken in any season but many proponents of this idea think that cleaning the carpet after the summer could be the most fitting idea. This can be attributed to several reasons and factors that underpin the same and this article shall try to demystify this myth and establish whether carpet cleaning after the summer is the best and ideal option or whether it is simply a misplaced idea.

The Busy Hectic Nature of summer

Summer is one of the busiest seasons as people let loose and enjoy the sun before it disappears as soon as it resurfaced. Most of this season is spent with the family outside including the pets. The carpet is therefore prone and susceptible to dirt and other deposits carried in from the outside.

carpet cleaning after summer
Furthermore, in this season, there is a habit and knack of experiencing an influx of guests throughout the season, and consequently this only results in an increase of dirt inside the house. The rationale here is that this renders the post summer season the best time to clean the carpet as the accumulated pile of dirt can be readily cleaned when ironically; people return to their jobs and children go back to school thus the house can get a breather and the carpet can be cleaned and dried with any intrusion. The carpets can therefore be crisp and ready for the new year and more so in a pristine condition.

Pollen, Allergen and Particulates

In the summer season, pollen, allergen, and particulates can be a nuisance as they tend to find a way in the house and settle is the distinct surfaces such as carpets. They can tend to be a nuisance if ignored especially for those who are hugely affected by allergies and they can tend to be vulnerable to the same. Cleaning the carpet after the summer should therefore be mandatory to get rid of such pollen, allergen, and particulates. This could also end up saving you a fortune especially if anyone in your family suffers from allergies, which can be alleviated by cleaning the carpet after the summer.

Carpet Maintenance

Premised on the foregoing, dirt, debris, and deposits such as pollen can leave your carpet in a dilapidated condition if left unattended and ignored. They culminate in the creation of layers that ultimately creep and eat against the fibers of your carpet. This results in a lot of wear and tear and the holes become visible in your carpet as it continues to disintegrate and deteriorate. This is laughable as most of this acute damage is inflicted on the self and it can be thorough after summer carpet cleaning, which aids to ensure that your carpet remains tidy and its quality is preserved.

Easier Cleaning

As depicted in the aforementioned, summer entails a lot of piling up with regard to dirt and the creation of layer after layer, which can become messy. This can be difficult to clean if ignored if the summer aftermath is not tidied up. The consequence of this is that the cleaning in the next fall season will be quite tough due to the accumulated layers of dirt and it can eventually end up being quite an expensive affair. Cleaning the carpet after the summer, therefore, spares you from such expenses and difficult levels of maintenance whilst also ensuring that the longevity of your carpet is increased.


Quicker Drying

This might be termed as simplistic but cleaning your carpet immediately after the summer ensures that the comfort of your home can be restored quickly as the sun is still out thus your carpet will dry faster after a thorough summer deep clean. Another overlooked fact is that the carpet dries well without any instances of probable mold that can be evident when the carpet does not dry well, especially in the wet or colder seasons.

Elimination of Odors

The bad odors left on your carpet after the hectic summer schedule can be uncomfortable, especially for hygiene freaks. Cleaning the carpet after the summer can not only resolve this issue by leaving behind some amazing fragrance, it can also improve the house aesthetics when the carpet is left neat and ready for a new season.

Those are some of the compelling reasons as to why you should clean your carpet after the summer, which indicate why you should undertake to do the same.