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Deep Cleaning a House Checklist

There are two ways to clean a house – light and deep cleaning. Light cleaning is easy and usually does not involve so much of your time. It can be done randomly, one chore at a time in all the rooms, after which you go to the next type of chore in all the rooms. Deep cleaning, on the other hand, involves more detailed cleaning even in the high and hidden parts of the house. The most appropriate process is room by room so that you do not forget any part. This article looks at things you should pay attention to when deep cleaning a house.

The Kitchen

This is the hardest area to deep clean since it has the most sensitive features such as the stove, fridge, oven, and microwave. Begin by paying attention to these sensitive and complex features:

  • Oven

Ensure to disconnect the microwave from the power source and use a dry microfiber piece of cloth and baking soda squirt to clean the dirt and food stains in the oven. Repeat the process on the outer surface of the microwave then leave it open to dry off.

  • Stovetop

Make sure the range hood and the stove power connection is cut out. Then, use a microfiber and degreaser or baking soda squirt to wipe off food stains and grease from the surface of the stovetop and the range hood until it is sparkling clean. Leave it open for it to dry. Alternatively, you can turn on the blower to dry the stove off.

  • Fridge

Similarly, remember to turn off the power connection of the fridge and repeat the same procedure to wipe off dirt and food stains from the surfaces. If the dirt is embedded into ice, you may want to leave the work to a fridge and freezer technician.

  • Surfaces 

This should be the easiest part. You just use the same piece of cloth and warm water to wipe the surfaces of the kitchen such as the sink. Use the same procedure to clean windowpanes, countertops, and cabinetry. Use a feather-like bloom to dust the ceiling and the walls and finish with the floor.

  • The Bathrooms

The bathroom is one of the most overwhelming places to clean. Fortunately, the bathroom does not have appliances that would make the cleaning process even harder. Start by washing the sink, tub and toilet surfaces, with lots of soapy water and detergents. Then use a piece of dry cloth to dry off the surfaces. Wash the shower curtains and pour scouring powder into the toilet, brush it off a little then flush it. Use a microfiber cloth and warm water to wipe the bathroom glass door and the mirror. Scrub the bathroom walls and the floor, while paying much attention to grout on the tiles. Finally, conclude the work in the bathroom by washing the mat.

  • The Living Room

This is among the easiest places to deep clean; since there are no many hidden surfaces. Use a feather-like broom with a long handle to dust the ceiling and other high areas. Do the same as you come down the walls. Use a microfiber cloth and warm water to clean the surfaces of the tables, chairs, TV and any other electronics. While doing this, be sure to first cut the power connection off, before you start cleaning any type of electronics. Clean the fabrics of the seats using baking soda and a hard brush then finally clean the floor.

  • Bedroom

First, take away all the clothing and dirty clothing from the bed and fold the clean ones, while the dirty ones go to the washing machine. Dust the ceiling, top cabinets and the walls using a feathered broom with a long handle. Use a piece of microfiber cloth and a vinegar squirt to clean the bedside table, the bed, drawers, closet doors, and windowpanes. Arrange the shoes into the closet or the shoe rack. Finally, clean the carpet using a vacuum cleaner or scrub the dirt off using a hard brush and baking soda to remove the hard stains from the surface.

As you may have noted in the discussion above, deep cleaning is all about reaching the places that are constantly forgotten or ignored from time to time. For the best possible results, be sure to do the cleaning by room. Do not get discouraged if you take a whole week to clean the house, as you can even schedule to clean one room per day.