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How Do You Deep Clean Upholstery?

Spills and stains are just a part of our daily lives. The stains are too conspicuous to go unnoticed hence they should be cleaned immediately. It is vital to know your type of fabric so that you can decide about how often you ought to do your cleaning. There are many ways, which can be used to revive upholstery even if it got stained many years ago. This article analyzes these different ways that you can use to deep clean your upholstery.

  • Vacuum

This ought to be done often to ensure that dust and other kind of dirt does not settle on the upholstery. It can aid to clean and fade the stains that occurred a long time ago. This should therefore precede any other kind of cleaning since you cannot be fully aware about the extent of the mess that you are tackling until the dirt and other deposits have been readily sucked by the vacuum. This cleaning helps to restore the appearance of your furniture while simultaneously preventing the wearing of the upholstery fibers.

  • Use of Baby Wipes

It might appear very peculiar to use baby wipes but surprisingly, they are very effective. They are very gentle and with a good combination of water and soap. The wipes also use little moisture, which renders them quite useful as a quick fix for stains and drips that ought to be immediately dealt with. You should therefore always ensure that you have the wipes stashed in the living room for the impromptu spot removal whenever the stains occur in an unprecedented fashion.

  • Adherence to the Cleaning Instructions

You ought to look at the cleaning codes so that you can be fully aware of the perfect way of dealing with the specific stains. This is because some upholstery can be readily cleaned with water whilst some can only be properly cleaned with the use of varying types of solvents. “W” means that you can use water whereas “S” means that you can use some use a different kind of solvent that is not related to water. ”S/W” means that you can use either of them.

However, most old and ancient types of furniture do not have codes while some have varied codes. In such instances, you should conduct a test on a part of the upholstery that is not clearly visible. This could be done with water and vinegar and if these do not work, you can proceed to employ some other relatively potent solvents.

  • Use of Steam

If the cleaning code states that you can use water, then you can use some steam as it ensures that the upholstery will be very responsive to cleaning and treatment.

  • Treatment

This is applicable in case your furniture is not pretreated. You can opt to apply it or seek for the services of a professional. This treatment ought to be done frequently to ensure that the furniture has proper resistance to stains.

  • Be Gentle

You should not excessively scrub the upholstery especially if you are dealing with stains, which are deeply ingrained. This would only ruin the fabric hence you should employ a very soft cloth instead of a coarse type of fabric.

  • Water Free Solvent

You should use a water free solvent. Many types of sprays for upholstery cleaning are relatively expensive but very effective. Any water related approach should be avoided but if it has to happen, it should be used sparingly.

  • Pet Solution

Pets cannot be chased away from the furniture, as they are a part of the domestic household. This is the remedy employed for the removal of pet hair from the fabric. Gloves are used to remove the hair that is later readily vacuumed off.

  • DIY Stain Remover

Treating a spot early enhances your chances of finally removing the stain with the simple use of a microfiber cloth. If you can use water on your upholstery, there are many DIY ways that can be used for stain removal but vacuum cleaning should precede them. This entails the use of salt, vinegar, non-gel toothpaste, hydrogen peroxide and lemon juice for varying stains ranging from blood, coffee, grease and crayon stains among others.

The foregoing clearly highlights the distinct steps that should be followed for the deep cleaning of the upholstery. This should be followed procedurally thus ensuring that the results are impeccable. However, if you feel like that you are not up to the task, you should consult an experienced professional to guide or help you accordingly.