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Best Way To Prepare And Clean Your House For The Holidays?

Holidays are an ideal time of good cheer for friends and family who come together to share their experiences, memories, and life-long stories. A get-together party should be one of a kind and the best way to start is by making sure your house is well cleaned and prepped before guests arrive. You may not have the time to perform a whole house deep cleaning when everyone is around because you will be occupied by other activities like shopping, cooking, and ensuring your guests are enjoying their stay. This article gives you a walk-through guide on how to prepare and clean your house for the holidays.

  • Start in the Kitchen
Vacuum cleaner and variety of detergent bottles and chemical cleaning supplies on the floor

No one expects your kitchen to be spotlessly clean but you would not want it to look messy either. The kitchen has always been the heart of the holidays. Nothing is more pleasing than having cabinets, countertops, and silverware all clean and ready before the cooking and entertaining begins. Some of the areas you need to focus on more include the fridge, oven and microwave, cabinets, and other kitchen appliances that might be used often during the holidays. Now would be the best time to get rid of junk from your drawers. Then, fix anything worth fixing if it will come in handy during the festive season.

  • Move Onto the Bathroom

The bathroom needs constant cleaning and attention if you want it to stay safe, attractive, and functional. It is the hardest-working room in the house because it has a sink, toilet, and shower stall, or tub. When preparing the bathroom for your guests’ arrival, you need to clean and sanitize all surfaces and check that all fixtures are functioning properly. Your faucets need to be swift to turn and should close just right to prevent water from dripping. Make sure you tighten loose mounting screws for your towel bar and toilet paper holder. Once you are done cleaning all fixtures, counters, and upper surfaces, you need to focus your attention on the floor, vacuuming and mopping up any dirt and debris.

  • Clean the Guest Rooms

Cleaning the guest rooms is less time-consuming but still needs to be done perfectly as part of the house cleaning. The best way to prepare your home is to place everything in its rightful place, especially clothes. All dirty clothes need to be in the laundry basket but if you can do something about them before your guests arrive, the better. Clean clothes need to be placed in their respective closets and drawers including objects that may be scattered everywhere, such as books and games. After everything is in place, the next thing is to wipe down mirrors, picture frames, dressers, and other visible surfaces. Finish off by vacuuming and mopping the floor to leave a fresh scent in the rooms.

  • Do Some General Cleaning

General cleaning involves other residential tasks that can be done for each section of the house. This includes floor cleaning, dusting, deodorizing, landscaping, and decluttering. If the weather allows, you can open windows in every room to let in the fresh air. You can also use air fresheners moderately since too much of it could be irritating and might cause breathing problems. Dust any decorative objects hanging up on walls, in the entryway, and the hallways. If you have a backyard deck, chances are that it might be used often during the holidays. So, consider cleaning and decorating this area as well to keep all sections in your home ready for your guest arrivals.

  • Finalize With A Safety Walkthrough

When performing a safety walkthrough, you need to consider the place where your guests will park, where they walk, and other areas they are liable to go during their stay in the compound. Replace the burned-out bulbs with new ones both indoors and outdoors. You also need to check the handrails on your staircases and deck to ensure they are not loose. It is crucial to be prepared for all kinds of scenarios since anything can happen in gatherings. As a rule of thumb, stack up on your home’s first aid kit as it may come in handy for small accidents as they are never expected.

The best way to prepare and clean your house is all about planning and anticipating anything that may or may not be expected during the holidays. With many people coming in, different items and fixtures will be under constant use and may not hold up so well if they were not up to the task. Besides cleaning and sanitizing the surfaces in every room, remember to check that all fixtures and appliances are working properly.