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How Long Should It Take to Clean a House Professionally?

The number of hours or the exact duration it takes to clean home always matters for both the homeowner and for the professional or maid cleaner so that there can be proper planning with regard to time and for people who need to adjust and work with a predetermined schedule. Deep cleaning could always take longer when you do it yourself but as expected, a professional cleaner will consume less time as many companies often send two or more people to ensure that the work is done thoroughly and without spending an eternity in your home. Several factors always come into play in a bid to determine the exact time that this endeavor will take. This article discusses exactly this.

Nature of Clean

The length of time that it takes in each of these unique categorizations is varying, as a weekly professional clean will be easier compared to the more intricate spring clean where the amount of work and effort expended will be significantly higher.

Team of professional janitors cleaning modern kitchen

This is because of the accumulated grime, dirt, and other germs that have piled up over time and this usually necessitates some deeper cleaning consequently implying that it will obviously take longer by default. Briefly, many professional house cleaners opt and prefer to use metrics when determining how long it will take to accomplish a certain task. The most common coverage for an hour clean is roughly 600-800 square feet but this is just an estimate as various cleaners have their own stipulations that are bespoke or unique from one company to another.

Regular Cleans

As a continuation of the aforementioned point, recurring cleans defer from the other types of irregular cleans that are done sparingly and without any elaborate or scheduled outline. Regular cleans on the other hand can be arranged according to the client’s preference and availability. A well-assembled cleaning team will therefore take minimal time to clean such a house with minute levels of grime and dirt and normally this could be about 1500-2000 square feet per hour in such instances. This information is very valuable or vital so that you can know about the essence of prioritizing regular cleans as opposed to the erratic and random cleans disguised as seasonal or spring cleans as they end up costing you a fortune.

Pace and Swiftness

Unfortunately, you cannot ordinarily dictate this extraneous factor unless you are bold enough to categorically request very quick cleaners. Quick cleaners will normally finish faster in stark contrast to lethargic cleaners who will take longer. The upshot is that sometimes the quick cleaning associated with the faster cleaners can be misconstrued as a job that was quite shoddy and not thoroughly done. It could end up being conflicting hence leaving you in a dilemma as you strive to spend less and get a job done quickly while still ensuring that you do not compromise on the general quality of the work rendered. The implication here is that you have to liaise and make proper inquiries.


The type and nature of the surface have a direct nexus and correlation with the amount of time consumed in house cleaning. Hardwood surfaces are extremely hard to clean as opposed to a surface such as a tile where less time is used, as the task is simpler and not overly complex. More so, other surfaces such as granite or marble definitely take longer to clean. This therefore hugely affects the timelines due to the variations in each case as contextualized above.

Other Factors

A wide array of other factors influence how long it takes to get this task accomplished. This includes the number of people at home, the likelihood of having pets, and other innumerable factors that cannot be exhaustively discussed in this article.

In conclusion, from the foregoing, it is succinctly clear that there is no universally agreed duration of a professional deep clean. Several factors come into play. This article has however cited the size that can be covered per hour based on the different scenarios as explained above. It is therefore prudent for you to directly consult your local cleaners for a much more precise and definitive answer which could vary from one company to another and from one task to another.