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How to Clean Your Home Fast and Efficiently

We all love clean houses but no one likes to do the cleaning. Everyone is looking for the fastest way to do the cleaning fast and get done with it. This is most evident for those of us who are very busy with work and other aspects of life. If you have some guests arriving soon and the house is a mess, do not worry. This article gives simple tips that you can implement to have your house sparkling clean in less time than you ever imagined.

  • Design a Pattern or a System

The first step to an effective and fast house cleaning is to design a pattern that you are going to follow when cleaning. You may decide to go with room-by-room system or each task in all the rooms. Some people argue that room-to-room system is tiring since you keep going back to the same tasks every time. Someone else will argue that going back to the same room with a particular task is tiring since you feel like you are not making progress.

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  • Remove All the Clutter

It is now time to get rid of all the clutter standing in your cleaning paths. Collect the waste and place in the garbage bins to have a clear path. If there are dirty clothes all over the floor, collect them and throw them in the washer machine so that by the time you can remove and fold them after you are done cleaning the house. As you remove the clutter, do not forget to arrange the house and spread the beds.

  • Gather All the Tools You Need 

Then gather all the tools you will need for the job and carry them in a bucket. You will need two pieces of microfiber cloths, two buckets; one for the cleaning water and the other for carrying the tools, a mop bucket, a squeegee spray bottle, and a dry cloth. The secret to gathering all the tools without forgetting some is to make a list and head to the local supplies store.

  • Sweep Then Mop

Before you start mopping, ensure to first sweep the floors so that you do not end up making mud with the mop. Mop the rooms in a backward direction so that you do not lock yourself in a corner. Rinse the mop after cleaning every 4 square foot because failure to do so only ends up making the floor even dirtier. As you sweep the rooms, ensure to have your windows open so that as you shake the dust-up, it will not settle on the surfaces and make you go back.

  • Disinfect All the Surfaces

The surfaces keep getting infected with germs due to the frequent touching by people. Since some surfaces like countertops are used for preparing food, they should be as clean as possible. The best way to keep them germ-free is by using a spray bottle filled with vinegar solution and a soft microfiber piece of cloth to clean the surfaces. As you do the surfaces, do not forget the cooktop, tables, TV screens, remotes, and the cabinets.

  • Wipe the Ceiling and the Fans

For the ceiling, you can use a dry mop to dust it and clean it. But for the ceiling fans, you can tie and a dry piece of microfiber cloth on the mop to clean the blades. As you come down, do not forget to dust the walls. Remember to turn down the ceiling fans first so that they do not blow the dust back into the room. It will also help keep the fans safe from damage because of electrocution.

  • Clean Glass and Windows

Use the squeegee and lots of soap water to clean the windows then dry it off using a dry microfiber cloth. The squeegee is the best for windows because, with just a single wipe, the window will be sparkling clean. After all, it has soft bristles that prevent the windows from scratches.

  • Clean Your Tools Routinely

After you are done with one task throughout the house or one room, remember to clean the tools and change the rinsing mop water. This helps prevent dirt from coming back and this speeds up your cleaning work. The other secret to cleaning your house fast and efficient is by cleaning it often. This helps prevent the buildup of dirt so that you will have less work when cleaning the house next.

You can clean your home fast and efficiently using the aforementioned tips. However, if you do not have the time to do the cleaning yourself, you should consider professional cleaning services. They will be done within no time and you will be happy with the results.