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How Often Should My Beach House be Vacuum during Summer?

A beach house requires a little more maintenance than your regular house in the city because it is constantly exposed to sand, salt, and other elements along the coastline. A good cleaning routine not only protects your beach house against the elements but also prevents it from mold, mildew, and prevalent fungi.

It is important to dust, vacuum, and mop your beach house regularly to prevent dust and salt from accumulating on your upholstery and other surfaces. This article discusses how often you should vacuum your beach house and how to take good care of it all year round.

Reasons to Vacuum Your Beach House

  • Financial Reasons
vacuuming the beach house during the summer

Salt can slowly eat away bits of furniture, paint, steel, floors, and any other items inside your beach house. This is one of the biggest problems beach houses face when they are very close to the ocean. Taking time to vacuum the house prevents this from happening. The sand near the beach has a very fine texture and can be very hard to vacuum when it settles deep inside the fabric. You would not want to incur losses due to a lack of proper care and maintenance.

  • Health Reasons

The cool breeze from the ocean carries with it dust, allergens, bacteria, dander, and pollen that accumulates on your upholstery and other surfaces in the house. Vacuuming is effective in getting rid of these allergens, which can cause respiratory and health issues if left unattended. It also helps to maintain good mental health since you do not have to be worried about salt eating away everything in your beach house.

  • Social Reasons

As a homeowner, you want a clean and inviting atmosphere where you can entertain family and friends, have fun, and receive unexpected guests. A beach house is one of the places that offer a perfect setting for such but it largely depends on how clean the environment is. A good first impression goes a long way and because of that, vacuuming regularly is an effective way to maintain the aesthetic appeal of your beach house.

How Often To Vacuum Your Beach House? In Summer

How often you use your beach house during summer will determine the best vacuuming schedule for you. While it might not be a favorite task for everyone, there is no arguing that vacuuming can turn out to be your best ally against dust bunnies, salt, crumbs, pet fur, and other allergens. The ideal frequency will also depend on your floor type and upholstery. Hardwood floors are easy to maintain and can be vacuumed at least twice a week using a vacuum designed for hard flooring.

Carpeted floors need to be vacuumed frequently because their fibrous makeup can hold and trap bacteria, dust, and allergens compared to hardwood. Although upright vacuums work great for carpet cleaning, you can use any other vacuum designed specifically for carpets. Since your windows stay open most of the time during summer, consider vacuuming at least once a day or after two days based on how far your beach house is from the shoreline. Also, do not forget to vacuum the rugs, mats, and other upholstery around the house, as they need to be clean too.

How to Take Good Care Of Your Beach House

It can be quite difficult for you to go frequently to the beach when you have more than enough on your to-do list. However, the big secret of taking good care of your beach house is carrying out regular or preventive maintenance. Since you cannot be in two places at the same time, the best advice is to hire an assistant who can regularly visit the house, and clean, organize and inspect repairs when you are not around. This way, you will not have any trouble when you come to spend your long-awaited vacation during summer.

You need to make good choices when selecting building materials for your beach house. Go for ones that require less maintenance and are less susceptible to natural elements along the coastline. When leaving, cover all your electronic devices and upholstery with fabric to lessen the action of salt air. Store your clothes in their designated plastic bags to protect them from mold.

Most people who own a beach house do not have enough time to spend in them. However, it is still important to give it the proper care and maintenance that it deserves. You need to vacuum often during summer to keep sand, salt, and other allergens at bay. Since many rarely stay in their beach houses through all seasons, it is a good idea to hire an assistant to clean and maintain your vacation home. Not only will this help to protect your investment but also keep it in good condition through all seasons.