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When is the Best Time of Year to Have Your Windows Cleaned and Why

Window cleaning or window washing is essential as it maintains good hygiene and enhances the beauty of your home. Several factors determine the best time to clean your windows such as the weather, climate, restrictions and day of the week. The quality of work depends on whether you want to do it alone or by professionals. The windows need to be washed when there are no restrictions hindering you from doing a better job. Here is a guide to help you choose the best time of the year that offers long-lasting results.

A Spring Clean is a Good Start

One of the best times you can thoroughly clean your windows is during spring more so if you had neglected them over the winter period. Over time, your windows build up layers of dirt, grime, dust, and pollution caused by a few months of rainfall and weather changes. Any nearby highways or roads close to your home tend to worsen the situation.

Every home or business has varying levels of need when it comes to window cleaning. Older buildings made with steel-framed or timber-framed windows display signs of aging or corrosion if not cleaned properly. Small amounts of moisture that accumulate on your window frames can lead to mold invasion or cause damage to property if nothing is done to mitigate the problem. Because of this reason, you get to spend more, in the long run, doing necessary repairs or replacements.

Hiring a managed support team enhances the quality of work, which means fewer worries for you as they take care of everything that needs to be done. This works great especially if you have a tight schedule or lack advanced equipment to clean your windows. Window cleaning in the spring gets rid of grime from winter storms and debris from fall leaves. If you live in an area with a mild climate, you can wash your windows in the fall as well.

Will Your Windows Not Get Dirty Again if it is Raining?

If your windows were thoroughly cleaned, they cannot get dirty when it rains. The idea behind it is that if a window is dirty, rain makes it look dirtier. What makes your windows dirty is the dirt itself and not the rain because it is a pre-existing condition.

The truth about rainwater is that it extends the time between cleanings, thus keeping your windows clean. It does so by lowering the pollen or dirt levels that were drifting around the window. If left over time, the dirt and grime that accumulates in the process lead to streaking or spotting in the future. Rainwater is also ideal for window washing because it is clean and soft, almost similar to distilled water.

The Benefits of Window Cleaning in the Spring

Any attempts to clean your windows during cold weather or heavy rainfall will be met with a fresh layer of pollution, dirt, and grime. Instead of wasting your energy on endless cleaning exercises, it would be wise to have an idea of the best time to clean your windows. Most problems usually arise because of pre-existing dirt that had already settled on the window. This creates an unsightly view that compromises hygiene and general appearance of your home. Lack of cleaning and maintenance could affect the entire window frame leading to unexpected costs of repair or replacement.

Cleaning your windows in the spring allows you to get rid of grime from winter storms, and debris from fall leaves. Since window cleaning takes a long time, it would be wise to involve the expertise of professional cleaners .If your windows are cleaned by professionals, it reduces your risk of physical injury, saves you time and guarantees quality work.

There are many reasons to have your windows cleaned, as its part of keeping your house pristine and creating a good first impression from the outside. Not only does it give a clear view of the outside environment but also allows in full sunlight during the day. Although you can do the cleaning regularly, spring is the best time to have your windows cleaned to remove the layers of grime and dirt that accumulated over the previous months. If you do not have the time and right equipment to clean your windows, hiring a managed support team can help take care of the work for you. Lastly, you need to put in place a maintenance schedule to take care of your windows.