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Vacation Rentals Cleaning

There is some little extra responsibility for both the host and the guest when it comes to renting a vacation home or an apartment. They say that a little etiquette would suffice but that does not mean you have to go overboard.

If you have never visited an Airbnb before or you are currently inside one but are not sure if you are responsible for cleaning the rental, this article is for you. This article discusses what you should and should not clean before you leave your vacation home or apartment.

What Guests Should Do Before They Leave Their Rental Units

  • Group Dirty Linens Together
Female Housekeeper Cleaning Nightstand
It is not necessary to fold any linens or make the bed because your host will throw everything in the wash altogether. That said it would be a nice gesture to strip the bed and pile your dirty towels and sheets by the washing machine or utility room. This reduces the time it takes for cleaners to get the room ready and spread fresh linens for new guests.

  • Empty the Fridge

Guests need to empty the fridge before they leave. Sometimes guests feel helpful by leaving goodies for others but in reality, all it creates is waste. A host cannot donate open food items and most local food banks do not take fruits unless they come from their farm or garden. The host can keep a few things like full eggs, unexpired milk, and other condiments but food items like fruits attract bugs.

  • Load and Run the Dishwasher

Since all dishes were sparkling when you entered the rental unit, it would only be fair if you leave them as clean as you found them before. It is always important to respect your host as well as their time by washing the dishes that you dirtied. Also, make sure to wipe down the counters and leave the kitchen area the same way you found it.

  • Take Out the Trash

It is a common courtesy to throw all trash into the garbage bag and if possible, take it out to a designated location when you leave. Since different hosts and Airbnb have different rules regarding waste disposal, it is always a good idea to check their guidelines. You can also ask around if you are not sure what to do. If you want to leave something behind like a bottle of wine, leave a note so they know it is in there. 

What You Are Not Obligated To Do After Your Stay

  • Vacuum, Mop, or Deep Clean

You are not responsible to deep clean a microwave that was dirty when you arrived. The same goes for other appliances and fixtures around the unit. The idea is to leave everything the way you found it and spending hours scrubbing grime that was there when you arrived will not do you any good. Unless you have spilled something, you do not have to worry about cleaning the floor. Regardless of how clean you leave your carpet or upholstery, it will still be vacuumed after your stay to ensure it is clean for the next guests. Many hosts have “house rules” that set cleaning expectations and you are not obligated to go beyond. A cleaning fee is usually included in your reservation cost and after all, you are on vacation.

  • Leave a Tip

Many guests feel like they are leaving a heavy burden on their hosts who will wash the laundry and do all the deep cleaning after handing over the key to their rental unit. This feeling pushes them to leave a tip as a nice gesture to make their hosts feel comfortable. In fact, you are not obligated to leave a tip at the end of your stay if you do not want to. Keep in mind that you paid a cleaning fee at the cost of your reservation and there are no rules stating that you should leave a tip. Airbnb hosts set their rates and they can always add any extra charges as service providers, which makes tipping unnecessary. If you want to show gratitude for your peaceful stay, consider giving a small gift or writing a simple thank you note.

It is important to leave your vacation home in the condition you found it. This involves cleaning the dishes, wiping down the kitchen counter, emptying the fridge, and taking out the trash. Hosts understand that not everyone cleans the same way but they still expect some level of cleanliness as stated in the house guidelines. They would probably clean the same place once more but at least it will take them less time to do it as they have short waiting times before the next guest arrives.