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Should I Clean My Windows Before Christmas?

Christmas is one of those few holidays that people spend at home with family. This time is best for preparing homemade meals, engaging in family games, and enjoying the comfort and warmth that comes with having loved ones around. Although we do quite a lot during this time to make the whole experience memorable like cooking, decorating, and shopping, one important thing to do is cleaning up.

This should actually be the first activity you need to engage in. A major part of cleaning up is ensuring windows are pristine. Windows are the face of the house and one can easily judge the cleanliness of your house just by looking at windows. This article looks at why you need to clean windows before Christmas and the best way to go about this process.

Reasons to Clean Windows before Christmas

Woman cleaning her house
  • Improves Curb Appeal

You definitely want to have a great looking house during Christmas and having clean windows can make your home shine. Rain, snow, and debris on your windows look quite bad. In addition, these elements can get in the glass, corroding, and contaminating the windows. You may notice light cracks and scratches on your windows. At such a point, unwanted windows can alter the structural level of your home, meaning you may need to replace the windows altogether. You need to keep your windows clean during Christmas because they will improve the look of your house during these times that you might be expecting guests.

  • Prevents Bad Air Quality

Dirt particles can build up on your windows, reducing your house’s air quality. Mold is one of these elements that can accumulate on the windows, bringing severe health threats. Mold can be a critical health hazard for people. Since you do not want any health concerns during the holiday season, when you should be having a good time, you want to ensure your windows are in pristine condition.

  • Enjoy a Better View

If you have dirty windows, they will play a part in blocking natural light, especially during this winter season when you could use some natural light. Dirt may also block the incredible look of the outdoors, where your neighbors have decorated their houses and Christmas lights can be seen during the night. If you have dirty windows, you will not get a chance to enjoy this awesome view.

How to Clean Windows before Christmas

To clean your windows, you will need a bucket, squeegee, a dry brush, sponge, brown paper, and a window cleaning solution.

The first thing you need to do is take off curtains and blinds to give them a good clean up. Take this opportunity to give the drapes a good wash using a fabric freshener. Use a brush to sweep away any dust around the corners of the windows. When you are done with this, it is now time to clean the windows. You can do this using a vinegar solution or soapy water, which you only need to spray or sprinkle on the window. Afterward, use a piece of cloth to clean the window using the S shape to prevent smears or streaks. You can also implement a squeegee to achieve a streak-free finish. You should avoid using paper towels because they can leave marks on the window.

One thing to note when cleaning windows is that the edges might be left out after cleaning with soapy water. If you have white PVC, you can use a whitening product to keep them new or just use a cream-based cleaner. You can also make use of white toothpaste to get the job done.

After the cleaning, your windows will be ready to hold Christmas decorations and make them look good. You can now put winter curtains and hang Christmas items like balls, glass, and toys. The sooner you do the cleanup, the longer and better the whole Christmas mood will last. Get started today.

Nothing matches the look of bright and clean windows, as they make your home look inviting, especially during the Christmas season. Since you will be spending a lot of time around the house with family, you want to ensure everything is clean, including the windows. With clean windows, you will be able to set up decorations and they will look appealing when everything around them is clean. Although cleaning windows is quite important, this task is quite time-consuming. This is the reason why you may want to hire the services of professional cleaners.