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Should I Have My Windows Cleaned in the Fall?

Window cleaning is an essential part of keeping your home looking good and tidy. However, cleaning is a backbreaking task that cannot be done every day with all other house chores at hand. Fall is one of the four seasons of the year that marks the transition between summer and winter. It is an ideal time to clean your windows because the temperature is not too hot and therefore, your cleaning products will not dry up and leave residue on your windowpanes. Since window cleaning takes a lot of time and energy, it would be a good idea to involve the expertise of professional cleaners as they guarantee quality work. This article gives some reasons to have your windows cleaned in the fall.

Reasons to Have Your Windows Cleaned in the Fall

  • Save on Heating Expenses
Housekeeper Cleaning Window

Dirty windows allow less sunlight to enter your home and thus artificial heating is required to compensate for this differential. Damaged windows that let air through can lead to allergies, high heating costs, and other unfortunate consequences. Cleaning your windows during the fall season allows even the smallest amount of sunshine to heat your home. It is also the time to inspect your windows for any signs of cracks and leaks to provide better insulation and save on heating expenses come winter.

  • Protects Your Windows From Damage

Dust, dirt, and other debris tends to build up in the crevices of your windows during the summer season. When combined with moisture, it can create a recipe for mold growth, which can cause damage to your windowsills. Getting rid of debris that accumulated on your windows during summer protects your windows from irreversible water damage and mold infestation. Such external factors cause your windows to degrade over time and may worsen in the winter season.

  • Kills Unwanted Bacteria and Viruses

Window cleaning in the fall also reduces allergy symptoms making your home clean and safe for everyone.  The transition from summer to fall and winter to spring are times when allergens tend to kick in. One of the ideal places where airborne allergens are likely to accumulate is around windows as they allow circulation of air in and out of the house. Keeping your windows sparkling clean during fall can help prevent colds and allergies caused by bacteria and viruses.

  • Make a Good First Impression

Fall season means that the holidays are quickly approaching and dirty windows are not something you would want people to see when they arrive at your home. You may wish you had enough time to clean your windows when you find yourself too busy to get everything ready for a big party. Cleaning your windows during fall means that you will not have to do it the last second as it gets you ahead for the rest of the year.

  • Prepare For the Winter

Window cleaning is more efficient in the fall since the temperatures are not too hot to leave streaks or dry your cleaning products quickly during use. It is quite difficult to clean your windows if the weather outside is freezing or too cold. Trying to clean your windows on a rainy day or cold weather could be pile up a fresh layer of dirt, grime, and pollution. This problem usually occurs because of pre-existing dirt that had already settled on your windows before the winter season.

Will My Windows Get Dirty Again if it is Raining?

Your windows cannot get dirty when it rains if they were thoroughly cleaned in the fall. Rain does not make your windows dirty and if it happens, it is usually due to a pre-existing dirt condition. The idea behind this concept is that if your windows are already dirty then rain will make it look dirtier as it binds an additional layer of dirt and pollution to what is already there. Rainwater keeps your windows clean and extends the time between cleanings if your windows were clean in the first place. It lowers the amount of dirt and pollen that have been drifting around the window for a while. However, this only works for a short time because dirt and grime may accumulate in the process if left unattended over time leading to spotting or streaking in the future.

Quality window cleaning in the fall not only offers great value for money but is also a great investment in your home. Windows are constantly exposed to many contaminants in the environment making them filthy, stained, and ruined. Fall is one of the best times of the year to clean your windows as it prepares you for the winter, keeps your home clean, and leaves good first impressions to the guests entering your home.