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5 Areas that Often Get Missed when Cleaning a Home

Cleaning can turn out to be a boring task especially if you are cleaning for last-minute guests, or when you are in a rush. It is most likely that you will miss out some places because they are out of reach or you just assume they are still clean. A house that is clean and free from dust provides an environment that is more relaxing and gives homeowners peace of mind.

Furthermore, if you want to impress homebuyers who are always sensitive about dirt and underlying bacteria, you need to consider cleaning places that often get missed. This ensures that every place in your house is sparkling clean.

Here are the 5 areas that often get missed when cleaning a home:


If you are in a rush and cleaning in a hurry, you might forget to clean your baseboards. They are one of the most overlooked features in a home, despite the fact that they are in every room. Although you may be cleaning the floors every day, baseboards are also prone to grime, dirt, and dust. The filth builds up more mainly because most baseboards often come in white color. Cleaning your baseboards regularly creates a significant impact on the general cleanliness of a home.

Ceiling fans

Ceiling fans are one of the most ignored spots when cleaning a house because everyone is always focused on what they can see around them. It is even much harder to clean when your ceiling fan seems high when you look at it from below. Using your ceiling fan every day gives you a reason not to dust it off especially when you live in a warm climate.

The blades usually accumulate more dirt and dust when left idle for a long time. Turning on your ceiling fan spreads the dust in the entire room and this can cause sneezing, coughing or other allergies that come with inhaling the dust particles. Take some time to clean the ceiling fan blades as it helps improve your indoor air quality.

Air Vents

Air vents work to filter out dust that accumulates from within. However, a lot of dust gets trapped on the grates and it is easy to miss these spots because they are up in the ceiling. Most of them are always tucked away in places that are hard to reach making it difficult to clean. Since the vents help in air circulation, it is important that they remain clean so that they can be efficient in filtering out the excess dirt. Wipe down the air vents regularly and swap them out to ensure that your home looks cleaner and you are breathing in fresh air.

Garbage Cans

Garbage cans have always been neglected by most people when it comes to cleaning your house. There is a high likelihood that the bag will not remain intact at all times when disposing dirt and waste materials into the can. Even if you are careful enough, it is still difficult to avoid spillovers on top of the lid and around the rim. When left for a long time, it can build up molds, and attract insects that feed on the rotting food particles, which minimize the level of hygiene in your home. Use a hose to clean the garbage cans or scrub it with some disinfectant if it seems too deep.


Electronic devices are ideal places for harboring germs and bacteria since most people do not see the need for cleaning. A TV remote, for instance, is used more often when at home but no one cares about dusting it off and the same can be said for a computer keyboard, mouse and even your own cell phone. It is also easy to overlook other small appliances such as the microwave, coffee maker, or a toaster. Although many people regularly clean inside their refrigerators, they always forget cleaning behind it and underneath. A lot of dust, dirt and small food particles are more likely to accumulate making your house less clean than you see it now.

There are many reasons why these places are always missed when cleaning. It is quite unfortunate that other people ignore harder to reach areas such as under the fridge or behind furniture, because it cannot be seen from the front. The accumulation of dust, dirt and small food particles can affect you physically by keeping germs and bacteria in the air. It is always important to keep these areas clean to ensure your home is safe and dust-free.