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Post Construction Cleaning – Top 5 Things to Know

It is always a great feeling when your construction is complete, and the workers are packing up their bags to leave the site. Whether you are doing some minor renovations, building a new home, or constructing a completely new venue, you must have been patiently waiting for the project to be complete so that you can start using the new space. However, you will have one problem left – doing post construction cleaning. The newly constructed area will still be in a great mess, and you will have to clean things up. This can be a very daunting process, especially if you have never done it before. This is the main reason why we have come up with 5 great things that you must know about post construction cleaning.

1. Things to do Before Starting Post Construction Cleaning

The first thing you need to do before starting post construction cleaning is to contain the dust around the construction area. Although this is a hard job because dust can spread everywhere, you should consider putting up some preventative measures. Not only will doing this help you save energy and a lot of time, but also protects you and your family from toxins and carcinogens.

Another essential thing you need to do is protect your furniture and upholstery from dust. It would be a waste of resources to clean furniture that would have easily been moved to another room. The last thing you ought to do is arm yourself with decent tools and equipment for the job. Get a quality vacuum cleaner, a mop, and cleaning detergent or soap.

2. Places You Need to Pay Attention To

Construction dirt is not only bad for appearance, but can also have negative health effects to those exposed to it. This is why you need to clean out every surface and material exposed to the construction grime. Consider vacuuming all soft fabric in your house, including sofa, curtains, and carpet, to ensure you collect as much dust as possible. Vacuuming goes a long way in preventing irritating dust from settling in your furniture. You should also consider cleaning all hard surfaces in your house. Start by wiping off the dust from the walls and then give them a good wash. Clean the cabinets and hardwood furniture, and then finish by mopping the floors.

3. Even the Little Things Matter

While doing post construction cleaning, be sure not to forget the little things in your house that need cleaning too. Light fixtures, electronics, mirrors, decorative items, and small appliances are items that most people tend to forget. These things can collect dust from your construction project, making your home look filthy. Doorknobs, light switches, window blinds, fans, and frames are other places that you should dust off after a construction.

4. Doing it Yourself is not a Great Idea

Most property owners have the misconception that they will save money if they do the clean up on their own rather than hire a professional to do so. However, the truth of the matter is that doing the cleaning yourself not only uses up a lot of your time, but you are also not likely to do a great job like the way a professional would do. This is because of the fact that most property owners that decide to do the cleaning by themselves just do a quick pick up of trash, and probably some light sweeping. Professional cleaners, instead, do a meticulous full clean. They get into areas that you had no idea needed cleaning, and leave your property looking sparkling clean.

5. What to do Professional Post Construction Cleaners do?

If you make the decision to work with professional post construction cleaners, then you can be sure that they will clean every inch of your house including bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, and other areas. In addition to this, they work hard to boost the appearance of your home through window washing, caulking, and finishing restoration. Therefore, it is always better to let professionals do what they know best.

It can be a real hassle to clean your property after the completion of a construction project. At most times, it can be a bit hard for you to decide where to start, bearing in mind all the dust and mess. If you are in such a position, you can consider implementing our tips. However, we recommend that you allow professional cleaners to handle your post construction cleaning. You will be happier with the results than if you did it yourself.