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Area Rug Cleaning During Fall/Winter Time

Area rug and carpet cleaning is a very common task in any household. However, many people are never certain about the most appropriate time to do the area rug cleaning and whether it is done at home as a DIY or whether it must entail the involvement of a professional carpet cleaner so as to obtain the desired results. Others are of the opinion that area rug cleaning during fall or wintertime is the most ideal due to several varied reasons some of which will be discussed hereunder. This article will try to demystify these myths by trying to decipher the best way to do area rug cleaning and more so to establish the best time to do it.


As mentioned in the foregoing, area rug cleaning can be done as a DIY at home. The snow cleaning method is most popular since the fiber in your normal area rugs can sometimes not be vacuum friendly and often, the material can be overly delicate for the common cleaning which many people are accustomed to.

Cleaning Carpet With Cleaner
Rugs and carpets need to be cleaned regularly to maintain the quality

This, therefore, culminates in the rugs being cleaned outside during the winter for these rugs, which requires ample care whilst doing the cleaning. This is mostly for the rugs, which are prone and susceptible to dirt, dust, and crumbs, and those that keep on shedding fiber once a vacuum cleaner is involved. This is where an area rug is placed upside down in a section well covered with thick clean snow. This is because the weather is preferable as its cold and well-frozen and this implies that the rug will not absorb the moisture emanating from the snow as you rid the rug of all the dirt, which is consequently captured by the snow.

In DIY area rug cleaning, a very firm paddle can always suffice to beat the rug as it lays upside down. Ideally, the carpet should be rolled inside before taking it out to the snow to ensure all the dirt is well trapped including anything else that could be in the delicate fibers. The progress and any advancement made should check by lifting one corner of the rug in case you feel like you have sufficiently beaten all the dirt out of the rug. This is followed by turning the rug and flipping it on a new pile of clean snow and repeating the same procedure on the flipped rug to ensure that the other side of the area rug is also thoroughly cleaned.

Conventional Cleaning

This is the routine cleaning done when it comes to rugs made of synthetic materials which are rolled and laid in the wash area and cleaned using some mild soap. This should not involve bleach and some minor scrubbing is always perceived as enough. The same is done on the other side of the rug after flipping it followed by rinsing and hanging so as to drain away the excess water and then later rolling it up for storage.

Professional Cleaning

It should also be noted that even as much as area rug cleaning can be done as a DIY endeavor, many professionals normally recommend having the rugs cleaned by a carpet cleaner. This is because a carpet cleaner has all the requisite and necessary equipment required in this undertaking. It is deemed as much effective as anything that can be attained through any DIY method majorly because they are able to dig deep and remove the dirt and debris that is rarely visible through human eyesight. It is therefore worth mentioning that a professional who is an expert rug washer, should ideally clean woven and oriental rugs.

Is Fall And Winter Time The Best Time To Have The Rug Cleaned?

Some experts have opined that cleaning the area rugs during fall can be great as it is associated with very low moisture levels which helps to dry the rugs thoroughly and faster so that you are ready for fall in preparation for the upcoming winter. One of the benefits of cleaning during fall is longevity as even though rugs can readily stand the cold weather, cleaning them during fall and taking them indoors or actually storing them as recommended can increase the lifespan of the rugs.

This article has adequately described how area rug cleaning should be done during fall or the winter season and whether those seasons are ideal. You should therefore stand as properly guided but in case of any blurry areas, do not hesitate to contact a professional to get the relevant clarification and expert advice in this area.