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When is it Too Late to Power Wash Your House?

Power washing your house is an essential task to keep its exterior look in optimal condition. It is a great way to remove dirt and grime buildup while also potentially stopping long-term paint or stucco damage, depending on the material used to build your home. However, when is the right time? What happens if you have waited too long and it is already summer? How late into the season should you wait before power washing it? This article gives all these answers and more tips on how to determine when it is time for power washing services.

When it has Been Neglected for Long

If you have neglected to power wash your house for a long period, it is unfortunately too late to undo the damage. It takes several cycles of washing over time to prevent accumulated dirt and grime from becoming ingrained on the surfaces of the building. Waiting for an extended length of time only makes these stains more difficult to remove.

Cleaning dirty wall with high pressure water jet.
House Powerwashing before and after.
The longer a stain sits on a surface, the more deterioration could take place if the wrong cleaning method is used. As such, regular maintenance is important when it comes to power washing a house in order to guarantee optimal results.

When it is Late into the Season

Power washing is a great way for homeowners to protect and maintain the value of their property. However, if you are late into the season, it may be too late to power wash your house. After the cold winter months, most surfaces become weakened and more susceptible to damage. This means that by taking away layers of dirt or paint with a power washer, you may also take away some of the surface’s protection as well. To keep your house in prime condition and avoid causing any harm or further damage, it is best to wait until the beginning of the season to power wash your house. That way, temperatures have had enough time to warm and strengthen surfaces before they are exposed to such abrasive treatment.

Factors That Determine How Often to Power Wash Your House

The Weather

The weather is a critical factor to consider when power washing your home. This is because it can affect the intensity of the job that needs to be done. When temperatures are higher, and the sun is shining outside, substances such as dirt, and other organic materials can become more difficult to remove from surfaces. As a result, these surfaces will require more scrubbing power in order to restore them back to their original condition. On the other hand, if you are experiencing wetter and colder climates, then milder cleaning methods may be more effective since they do not require intense scrubbing or agitating of the surface area under pressure. Knowing when and how often to use a power washer is essential for protecting your home’s exterior, no matter what kind of weather you might be facing.

Type of Material

The frequency with which it needs to be done, however, varies greatly depending on the type of siding material on your home. Houses with wood or vinyl siding should usually be power washed every 1 to 2 years. Cement fiber need not be done as often since its smooth surface resists mildew buildup better than other types of exteriors, so once every 3 to 5 years is often sufficient. Brick and stucco are also quite low-maintenance and only require power washing about once every 6 years. Overall, determining how frequently you should power wash your house depends largely on the material from which it was built and how dirty it can really get.

Power washing your house is a great way to make a big difference in the overall look and feel of your home. There is no set answer for when it is too late to power wash your house; it depends on the type of material and how heavily it has been dirtied by the elements. Generally, if a light pressure washing will not restore your home’s surface, then you have likely waited too long. If you have experienced more than one season since washing last, it is probably worth taking action. Most professional power washing services recommend scheduling seasonal upkeep or at least every two years to keep mildew, dirt, and dust from accumulating on the siding. Having said that, even if there have been several years without a pressure wash, your home may still benefit from professional service.