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How Power Washing Can Dramatically Improve Your Home’s Appearance

Whether you want to bring life back into your home or prepping it for sale, you can always rely on power washing, as it gives a refreshed look to your driveways, patios, decks, and pool surrounds.  The dirt, grime, and mold that accumulates on the exterior surfaces of your home diminish the beautiful appearance it had before. They obscure the vibrant paint and glaring surfaces that were once a source of comfort, pride, and safety. Although there are several ways you can clean your home, power washing saves a lot of time and energy providing a clean appearance that will last much longer. In this article, we will be looking at how power washing can dramatically improve the appearance of your home.

  1. It Creates a Long-Lasting Curb Appeal

Power washing is considered a restorative process, as it removes the baked-in dirt and years of stains on your surfaces.  The equipment used in power washing is purposely designed to address the specific needs of all exterior surfaces. It provides stain-free and algae-free results that help protect the long-term quality of your home. It also inhibits weed growth, which can widen cracks on walls if permitted to grow. It only takes a thin skim of dirt for weeds to grow and over time, your home will also be a habitat for molds and mildew. The best way to flash them out is through power washing because home remedies usually leave some residue on the surfaces.

  1. It Prevents Damage and Unnecessary Repairs

Power washing prevents damage and unnecessary repairs by extending the life of your siding and exterior paint. You are more likely to encounter stubborn dirt when using a garden hose to spray it off. A power washer is strong enough to remove all the grit, chemicals and stubborn dirt that may potentially erode the exterior of your home. Routine cleaning both brick and vinyl prevent them from getting damaged by the dirt, debris, and grime that collects on the roof, gutters, and cladding. You are likely to spend more on unnecessary repairs if you ignore your exterior surfaces for a long time.

  1. It Eliminates Airborne Contaminants

You can easily eliminate airborne contaminants such as mold and mildew with a good power washing session. It also helps get rid of cobwebs that accumulate under the eaves, around the windows and other good spots where spiders catch their prey.  This makes the house cleaner and healthier for you and your family. The damp and shady areas of your roof create a conducive environment for mold growth and bacteria. It becomes more than just an unsightly problem when you start experiencing frequent allergies and mold symptoms. Power washing eliminates any mold buildup that can find its way inside your home through the ventilation systems.

  1. It Increases the Value of Your Home

Power washing improves the curb appeal of your home making it easier to sell in the real estate market. If you are thinking about selling your home in the future, you need to consider power washing, as it increases the comfort, pride and safety one can have in their dream home. When you neglect the exterior surfaces of your home, potential buyers get the impression that other areas in the house are neglected as well. A home buyer will only have peace of mind if he or she is moving into a house that is hygienically safe and free from mold, dirt, and other contaminants.

  1. It Primes Exterior Surfaces

Power washing is the best way to prepare existing surfaces if you are planning to resurface, refinish or repaint the exterior of your home. Removing all the dirt and grime gives you a clean and smooth surface to apply fresh paint, refinish your pool, or re-stain your deck. Power washing allows your surfaces to hold onto the new finishes or paint. If you do not remove the dirt, dust or grime on the old paint, any coating applied on the surface will eventually fall off with time.

Extremely clean and bright surfaces give the impression that you take pride in providing your home with good care. Keep in mind that it is less expensive to hire a professional company to power wash your house rather than renting the equipment to do it on your own. Without the right handling and experience, you stand a chance of injury or damaging the existing surfaces of your home. It is important to power wash your house at least once in a year to ensure a clean and healthy environment.