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Could Power Washing Damage my Siding?

The best way to clean your home or business environment is to power wash the floors on a frequent basis. This is critical, as it keeps dirt and debris off your property, ensuring that you have a clean environment to live in. Power washing can be done on every surface from brick to wood to vinyl siding. This makes it one of the most popular cleaning services. Despite this, many people are concerned whether pressure washing can damage vinyl siding. This article answers this question.

Will Power Washing Damage my Siding?

The answer to this question is that power washing will damage your siding if not done by a professional. Your siding will thus be damaged if someone without experience does power washing for you. The reason behind this is that power washing entails pushing compressed water through a small hose. Since vinyl siding is not a very hard surface, it can thus get damaged if you are not careful when power washing.

Why You Should Leave Power Washing to the Professionals

For most homeowners, their house is the largest investment they will ever make in their life. Therefore, if you think about it, you should consider hiring a professional to provide any service to your house, including power washing. This is because experts possess the right experience and expertise to offer a good service without causing any damage. Here are more reasons to hire an expert to do power washing for you.

  • They will not Damage Your Siding

If you are doing power washing by yourself, you stand a high chance to get water inside the vents of your siding. When this water is in there, it can accelerate damage. However, by hiring a professional, you are able to prevent this problem in a huge way.

  • They Know the Right Detergents to Use

If your siding is very dirty, then you should understand that plain water would not be enough to clean it. You need to incorporate detergents that are going to get rid of any dirt, debris, mold, and mildew. Unless you are a professional cleaner, then you may not know the best detergents to use. This is why you should consider hiring an expert to do power washing for you.

  • They will not Allow Damage to Other Parts of Your House

Apart from the siding, there are other parts of your home that may end up being damaged too. Doing power washing by yourself can cause water to build up in your attic or walls. This water can have a significant effect on your home’s structure. If you also happen to use the power washer, whether knowingly or unknowingly, on delicate materials such as windows, doors, planters, and other features, it can damage them quite easily. With an expert, you can be able to prevent any damage to such items, as they will practice caution when cleaning around such areas.

  • They will not Remove Your House’s Paint

If not done properly, power washing can scrape off your house’s paint. This is something that you would not want to happen, especially if you are not looking to repaint your home any time soon. It can get dangerous if you live in an old house that has traces of lead paint in beneath. Power washing can blast lead paint chips around your house, which can have a major health impact on anybody that is exposed to them, especially children.

  • They Know when not to Power Wash Your Siding

The first thing that professionals do before power washing your siding is that they assess it to tell whether this mode of cleaning is the best solution. If your siding has any damage, delicate features installed or any other elements that may make power washing difficult, they may suggest the use of a soft washing technique. This will work in the same way as power washing to remove dirt and debris, and will keep your house safe.

Cleaning your house’s vinyl on a regular basis is critical because it helps maintain its beauty and resale value. Power washing is the main option that people choose when they want to make their vinyl look pristine. The reason behind this is that power washing allows you to get rid of dirt, grime, and mold with a lot of ease. Nevertheless, if you are doing it yourself, you stand a high chance of damaging your siding. This is why you want to hire a professional to do the power washing.