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How Often Should The Kitchen Cabinets Be Cleaned?

This question has never been sufficiently answered, as there has never been any agreeable consensus regarding this topic. The perfect and most fitting number of this varies from person to person depending on preference and the level of desired hygiene. The regularity of cleaning is therefore not standard and these variations can be attributed to the person, home, type of cabinets or other distinguishing factors that can have an influence or bearing on this frequency. It is therefore imperative that this article sheds some light on this seemingly basic but rather delicate subject so that there can be some clarity and relative ease of execution by every homeowner.


This is ideal for people who do not want to clean the kitchen cabinets invariably. Weekly spot treatment can therefore suffice with the use of a multi-purpose cleaner.

happy woman cleaning cabinet at home kitchen
This is later finalized with some proper wiping with a micro-fiber cloth to remove any remnants and persistent marks. All other kitchen cabinet components should also be well cleaned to make this miniature project perfectly conclusive. Weekly cleaning is therefore good for a homeowner as it ensures that there is a clear discernible cleaning plan.

Seasonal Cleaning

This one is perfect for people who lack the time to do the cleaning frequently. It is deemed the best choice for anyone who is usually preoccupied and is, therefore, unable to secure ample time to do the cleaning on a regular basis. This pertains to persons who are employed and often busy and without any help at home. For such cleaning, the kitchen cabinets are emptied completely so that the cabinets can be cleaned in entirety together with all their contents.

This is also commonly referred to as deep cleaning and it can be done three times per year or actually quarterly in case the homeowner feels that the same can suffice. This entails the use of a cleaner and microfiber clothing to clean and a brittle toothbrush can be employed to clean all the hidden corners and crevices.

The perks of this deep cleaning is that it is exhaustive and can be thoroughly satisfying if done accordingly. It does not necessitate regular cleaning and it saves on crucial time. However, it also has some disadvantages in that it is not sufficient in some instances especially in a busy kitchen and one with huge traffic. It could end up rendering the kitchen inhabitable due to dust and debris.

The frequency of kitchen cabinets cleaning can also be premised on other factors that require proper consideration and specificity.

The Surface

This depends on whether it is the face or the inside of the cabinets. The face of the cabinets should be cleaned weekly, as they are more prone and susceptible to dirt. The inside of the cabinets on the other hand ought to be cleaned after the lapse of several months as this cleaning is not as intricate due to the exposure to very minimal dirt. Preferably, the inside of the cabinets should be cleaned with a multi-purpose cleaner or a white vinegar solution. Just like cited or mentioned above, the corners and crevices should be cleaned with the use of a toothbrush when it comes to these inside surfaces. For emphasis, any grime should also be removed with the use of a toothbrush or some other tool that can be utilized in a similar fashion provided it is functional. The face of the cabinets is cleaned regularly and preferably weekly as it is exposed to a lot of dirt and grime especially spillage and overflows from the countertops.

Routine Cleaning

Cleaning the cabinets frequently, regardless of the type of surface is always a good idea. Crumbs, dirt and other debris are eliminated hence subsequently helping to keep pests and bugs at bay. Cabinet cleaning should therefore be readily incorporated into the usual house cleaning, as it requires no specific procedure or technique. Routine cabinet cleaning is therefore vital as it ensures that they stay in pristine condition and without any potential of harm or destruction by dirt accumulation. In case your schedule is crammed hence making it incapable for you to do routine cleaning, you should duly consider engaging the services of a professional kitchen cabinet cleaner to advise you accordingly about how frequently the cleaning ought to be done. In case you hire him, he should be able to do this at your behest with consummate ease.

It is good to ensure that your kitchen cabinets are clean at all times. They store important elements like plates and cutlery, which always have to be clean to eliminate health issues. By implementing the aforementioned tips, you should be able to achieve clean cabinets at all times.