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Top 5 Bathroom Cleaning Hacks?

Cleaning the bathroom is often deemed an arduous task and it is disliked by many. Decent cleaning hacks simplify the whole process whilst making it quite enjoyable and seamless. Hacks have recently become quite popular though question marks exist about their effectiveness in general. This, therefore, creates the need to distinguish between the hacks, which might be worthy of implementing and those that are nothing but a fad hence ought to be dispensed forthwith. This article shall delve deep and discuss the top 5 bathroom cleaning hacks which have been effectively tested and produced impeccable results repetitively thus dispelling any doubts about their validity.

Use of White Vinegar

White vinegar has been in use for quite some time. It is normally a mainstay in many household DIY tasks and people have continued to find more ways to employ it in varying tasks.

Young woman cleaning a bath
It is great provided it is used perfectly and in the most fitting contexts. White vinegar is a great bathroom cleaner and this is mostly associated with its acidity. These acidic properties make it exemplary in the removal of any bacteria, germs and a plethora of other harmful molds due to its potency. It is not unusual to find many people use white vinegar to clean instead of acquiring other cleaners purchased from the local store. White vinegar is natural and barely produces any unwanted effects.

However, it is vital that you stick to white vinegar as other types of vinegar could stain your toilet or bathroom and make you expend more money to remedy the same. Vinegar can also be used to give your windows a perfect shine. It is mixed with some rubbing alcohol and water and it is most effective when there is minimal exposure to direct sunlight.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a marvelous cleaning tool that has been ignored since time immemorial. This is due to the preference for other mainstream bleaching agents, which are perceived as more effective but it is often not the case. Hydrogen peroxide has been misapplied hence losing its credence after failing to deliver the desired results devoid of any fault of its own. It remains to be a great agent for the removal of different types of stains. Many people also use it as a toilet cleaner and it is a perfect replacement of bleach in such instances. More so, it has also been proven that hydrogen peroxide is ideal in the extermination of mold. It is affordable and it always delivers if it is employed for the right purposes. More so, it is one of the few cleaning agents that can be readily acquired hence rendering it a great hack that is still alien to many. Soaking the toilet or distinct surface for an hour can always suffice before scrubbing and rinsing thus delivering results in a timely fashion.


Lemon is very effective especially when cleaning taps. It helps to attain a great sparkle by removing any spots, which could be caused by water or dirt. Lemon provides a great hack as only a small amount of the same is used. It is therefore economical and it reduces your dedicated budget to a reasonable amount by ensuring that you rid of the expensive acquisitions whose results are not actually guaranteed.

Toilet Bomb

This can be homemade or acquired in case you do not possess the vital prowess to make one yourself. It helps to keep the toilet clean and crisp and any bad odors are kept at bay. A homemade toilet bomb is not difficult to make provided you use the right ingredients. The ingredients may vary but citric acid, water, essential oil and baking soda are the most popular. Three spoons of water usually blend perfectly well with a cup of baking soda and a few drops of essential oil depending on its type and potency.  This is mixed with some citric acid and the resulting concoction is allowed to sit and dry for some hours preferably half a day before being primed as ready for use. This is dropped in the toilet and scrubbed when the fizzling commences.

Hot water

Hot water is a great hack for clogged toilets. The idea here is hot water and not boiling water as boiling water might be too much hence causing breakage since the toilet bowl is very susceptible to cracks upon exposure to excessive temperatures. The water is heated, poured into a bucket and then emptied into the toilet seat. It is then given some time before flushing it.  This unclogs the toilet fast.

The foregoing are the top 5 bathroom cleaning hacks hence you stand to be properly guided. You can do the cleaning yourself or consider hiring experts to help you out. A professional cleaning company can do a better job and give you time to focus on other things.