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How Often Should a Rental be Deep Cleaned?

Deep cleaning is the in-depth type of cleaning that involves cleaning the areas that are not dealt with during normal routine cleaning. It is time and energy engaging, for which reason it is done 2-3 times per year. It includes cleaning areas such as the upholstery, vacuuming the carpet, descaling the kitchen and the oven among many others. When it comes to a rental property, things are quite different from private residential property. As the landlord, you have the sole responsibility of providing your tenants with a clean habitable environment. This article sheds more light on just how often you should deep clean your rental.

At The End of a Tenancy

The end of tenancy means that a previous tenant is moving out and another one is coming in soon. Most tenants tend not to clean the house when moving out, as long as everything else is in order.

Young Woman Cleaning Floor With Mop In Living Room
So many are the times when rentals are in devastating condition after the end of a tenancy. As a landlord, you have a responsibility to provide your tenants with a clean environment. You have to organize for deep cleaning. Clean house coupled with clean features is the second thing tenants consider after updated features. This shows just how critical deep cleaning is in ensuring that your rental enjoys occupancy throughout the year. All-year-round occupancy comes with higher returns on your investment.

After Building or Renovation Work

No matter how classy and sophisticated your rental house was built or is, it will need some renovation at some point, later on. This is because technology is very dynamic and you have to bring your rental up to date with the latest features to enjoy full all-year-round occupancy. On the flip side, renovation leaves houses dusty and scaled from the dust and debris produced in the process. Some of the worst-hit areas include the crawl spaces and the attic. Only deep cleaning ensures the dust is gone and that the house is clean enough for occupancy after renovation work.

Before Or After Having Guests

For the longest time, hospitality has always been an important aspect of the human race. Even in the past, people would host random guests in their homes. Even though hosting random guests has been challenging due to the rise in misuse of that trust, it does not mean hospitality is going anywhere any time soon. Having guests around, especially when they are more than one, leaves the house in a mess. Since you do not always have guests, this makes the perfect time to deal with areas that have been overlooked during normal routine cleaning. Dealing with such areas as part of deep cleaning is a task that should only be left to professional cleaners, for the best results.

When a Roommate Moves In

The economy keeps fluctuating; sometimes it is great, while other times it milks our pockets and bank accounts dry. When this happens, it becomes almost unbearable for most people, especially college students. Apartment sharing remains the only option when hard economic times come. To convince another party to share a room with you, you have to ensure the place is clean and up to date. Deep cleaning is the best way to go; it can leave features and appliances sparkling as if they were new.

When Reselling Your Rental Property

When reselling your rental property, one of the things you can be sure prospecting buyers will be looking for is clean and updated features and appliances. Research findings show that a clean house affects positive reviews and ratings amongst prospecting buyers. During a deep cleaning, features and appliances are descaled so that they look clean just as they would do if they were new. You may even find that you do not need to update or renovate anything in the house. A clean rental property is equivalent to higher returns on investment since prospecting buyers would be willing to meet your asking price.

Deep cleaning does not only provide you with a clean environment; it gives life to your existing features and appliances. It also adds to the gains of traditional cleaning. However, it should not be a reason to deep clean only once a year. Deep cleaning should be done 2-3 times per year. Due diligence is necessary when vetting your professional cleaner since they do not all give the same results. As you do that, ensure to sample a few so that you also negotiate for reduced market charges.