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How Often Should My Carpets Be Deep Cleaned?

Carpets make an important part of your house because they not only keep you warm but also boost your overall home’s appearance. It is therefore important to keep them clean at all times. Failure to do this will make your house look and bad and pose your family to some health issues related to dust and mold. Although we are talking about maintaining a clean carpet, it is important to understand how to go about this process because you want your carpet to last for as long as possible. This article gives details regarding deep cleaning your carpets.

How Often to Clean Carpets

The Carpet and Rug Institute suggests that you have your carpets professionally deep cleaned after every 12 to 18 months. This is the only way that your carpet will look and perform at its best.

Person Using Vacuum Cleaner For Cleaning Blue Carpet At Home
However, it is good to note that this time is just a general guideline. Therefore, this time can be longer or shorter based on a variety of factors. For instance, if you regularly use your carpet, you might want to have it professionally deep cleaned after every 6 to 12 months. Therefore, it highly depends on your personal needs and overall lifestyle.

Factors that Determine How Often to Deep Your Carpet

  • Regular Vacuuming

Vacuuming your carpets, say once a week goes a long way in helping the carpets last longer. This is because vacuuming eliminates loose particles and debris before they settle deep and start destroying the fibers. At most times, regular vacuuming gives you a chance to go longer without needing professional deep cleaning. However, regardless of the number of times you vacuum your carpet, you will still need to call in professionals to eliminate the deep dust from your carpet. If you do not vacuum on a regular, then you may need deep cleaning sooner than you may think.

  • Potential Allergy Symptoms

Individuals that normally experience allergy symptoms need regular carpet deep cleaning than those that do not. Carpet fibers act as filters and they eventually collect a lot of dust and allergens that linger in the air. With time, these particles build up in the carpet and when they accumulate, they become airborne and start inducing allergies among your family. Since you do not want to keep struggling with allergies, scheduling a deep clean occasionally can go a long way.

  • Your Carpet’s Color

Color is another important factor you want to pay attention to when deciding whether to deep clean your carpets. Despite brightening up your house, light-colored carpets are quite notorious because they reveal dirt, debris, and stains on the carpet. Therefore, these carpets may need frequent deep cleaning than darker ones. However, this is not entirely bad because the bright color gives you a chance to detect dirt easily, making you know when it is time for deep cleaning.

  • Manufacturer’s Cleaning Schedule

Your carpet’s manufacturer could recommend a certain deep cleaning schedule based on specific materials that make up the carpet plus the warranty period. In such a scenario, you are required to follow the given cleaning routine to keep your warranty in full effect. Some warranties may even suggest that you deep clean your carpet at least once or twice a year. In such a case, you may need to save your cleaning receipt in case warranty issues arise.

  • Availability of Pets in the Household

If you have pets in your household, you may need regular deep cleaning more often than individuals with no pets. Even well-trained pets can often cause a mess in the house. Apart from tracking outdoor grime to the house, pets can distribute feces, urine, and vomit on the carpet. Such accidents can cause unsightly stains, which can be hard to remove. Although you can clean your carpet regularly and do some cleaning, deep cleaning can help remove even the tough stains on your carpet.

  • Availability of Kids in the Household

With kids in the household, you will most certainly struggle with smears, spatters, and spills on the carpet. In addition, kids love spending time on the carpet. Therefore, it is important to schedule a deep clean to help keep your carpets clean.

A carpet makes an important piece of the house because it makes your interior look good while also providing warmth and a general great feeling on the feet. Due to its importance, it is a good idea to keep the carpet clean at all times. Regular vacuuming is important but scheduling a deep clean after a few months is an incredible idea.