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Tips to Keep the Stove and Microwave Clean Always

The stove and microwave are some of the busiest appliances in the kitchen. Due to this reason, it can be hard to keep them clean at all times. Learning to properly clean these two appliances is quite important but understanding the things to do to keep them clean at all times is more crucial. This article looks at some things you need to do to keep the stove and microwave clean always.

How to Clean a Stovetop

Oil splatters and spills of foods you cook are inevitable in the kitchen and they will eventually end up on your stovetop. The thing you need to do is clean the stovetop as soon as the mess arises. Before the food accumulates on the surface, make sure to scrub it away as soon as possible. After you are done with the cooking, you can wait for the stovetop to cool and wipe everything down using an all-purpose cleaner.

steam cleaning oven house cleaning hand close-up.

In case the spills accumulate for a couple of days, you still have some time to get your cooktop sparkling again. To go about this, soak the stain in a strong cleaner that your cooktop can handle. Let the cleaner sit for some time then use a single-edged scraper to scrape debris with the blade. Later on, wipe the stovetop clean.

When done with the stovetop, it is now time to clean the oven, as you cannot do half of the cleaning task. The oven is a hotspot for built-up grime and smoke. You can give your oven a good clean by scrubbing the oven using a sponge that has been dipped in water mixed with dishwashing soap. Be sure to target even the tough spots, especially the corners when doing this.

How to Clean a Microwave

Every time you use a microwave, there is the risk of sauce, soup, and grease splatters coating the inside of your microwave every day. This buildup is not good at all to look at or use the microwave with. The great news is that understanding the best way to clean your microwave helps you quite a lot.

To clean your microwave, first, start by filling a bowl with water and placing it in the microwave. Heat until the water starts boiling. The stuck food should not be loosened, meaning you will have an easier time wiping the surface clean.

To finish the cleaning task, get a soft piece of cloth and dip it in distilled vinegar or an all-purpose cleaner mixed with warm water. Use the cloth to wipe down the interior parts of the microwave. Take out the glass turntable and hand wash it or clean it in the dishwasher if you have one. When done with the interior, it is now time to clean the outside handles, knobs, and keypad. You should consider cleaning these elements with a disinfectant to eliminate any bacteria.

Tips to Keep the Stove and Microwave Clean Always

  • Use a Splatter Guard

The best way to keep the stove and microwave clean always is to prevent the mess from accumulating in the first place. With a splatter guard, you can prevent grease from splattering over the microwave or stove. This can save you quite a lot of time and energy that you would spend wiping down the tricky mess. It also helps keep the stove and microwave clean at all times.

  • Have a Wet Rag in Place When Using the Appliances

Another thing you want to do is always have a wet rag ready when using a stove or microwave. With the wet rag, you can clean spills and splatters immediately they happen. When allowed to accumulate, spills can end up being very hard to clean. When you clean them as soon as they happen, you will save yourself a lot of scrubbing later on. Having a wet rag ready at all times while in the kitchen makes a great habit that comes through for you afterward.

Spills and splatters are quite common in the kitchen, especially on the stove and microwave due to the constant use of these appliances. When left to accumulate, hardened food stains can end up causing a huge mess. Apart from doing general cleaning, you need to learn a few things to keep these appliances clean at all times. Lucky for you, this article has shown you how to go about this. You should therefore be in a position to ensure these appliances and your kitchen, in general, is always clean.