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How to Keep Your Kitchen Spotless Even With a Big Family

Having a big family is a blessing but when it comes to the kitchen, it is the opposite. The issue comes when trying to maintain your kitchen cleanliness. With a big family comes a lot of mess in the kitchen. Since the kitchen is the most used room, the mess becomes even more. This is why cleaning your house can be a challenge!

However, the question is how to keep it clean regardless of the factors in place. Keeping your kitchen spotless can be daunting, especially since your family is big. However, that should not stop you. There are methods and rules you can incorporate to ensure your kitchen is spotless. This article looks at some tips to ensure your kitchen is spotless.

  • Clean While Cooking
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If you find yourself waiting for things to pile, then you start cleaning, then that is where you are mistaken. While in the kitchen, be on the move to clear out any dishes. Clean the utensils you were using to cook while the food is cooking. That way, you will have reduced the pile. You will be amazed at how much you can achieve from that little time. For instance, you could clean the countertops while the water is boiling in the kettle.

  • Clean Any Spillage Immediately

Do not let any spillage settle on the counter for more than 10 minutes. Cleaning it immediately will reduce the spillage from getting messier. Spillage is bound to occur in any kitchen. It might happen when you are in hurry to do something else. When you notice it, it is important to clean it at that moment. That way, you will be able to maintain cleanliness in your kitchen. Unlike when it has dried up and is harder to get rid of, especially if it was something that had sugar.

  • Have a Plan And Let Everyone Follow It

If it is a family-oriented home, then it is necessary to have a plan and routine. The routine will ensure everyone has a section in the kitchen to work on. For instance, you can make a routine where everyone cleans their dishes after their meal. It will reduce the piling of dishes in the sink.

In addition, you can schedule specific times in a week to clean the kitchen. With consistency, your kitchen will be spotless. Besides, if you have children, and they are grown up, you could involve them. Get them to do things in the kitchen that enhances the kitchen’s cleanliness. You could give them kitchen tasks such as cleaning the oven and cleaning the countertops.

  • Clean Your Kitchen Cloths

It is imperative to clean your kitchen clothes regularly. You should not just them but also change them. Cloths are known to carry more dirt and bacteria. A damp and dirty cloth is a perfect condition for bacteria to breed.

When washing the clothes, you can add disinfectant to ensure all the bacteria are washed away. You can also soak them in hot water. You can also use different colors of cloth for different parts of your kitchen. For instance, a different color cloth for drying the dishes and another for wiping the countertops. Furthermore, remember to wash sponges and brushes often.

  • Have a Place For Everything in Your Kitchen

To ensure your kitchen is spotless, you need to also have an organized kitchen. A kitchen will not be considered spotless when everything is disorganized. Ensure there is not too much stuff at the countertops as it makes your kitchen look messy. Have cabinets to keep everything stored and looked there. If you use anything, ensure to return it to where it is supposed to be. If you have a big family ensure to teach them where everything is supposed to be.  That way your kitchen will be organized and clean.

  • Clean Your Floor Every Day If Possible

Cleaning the kitchen is a good idea to keep it clean. You can decide to vacuum clean it or use a mop and water to clean it. Either way, they both serve the purpose expected. There could be spillage that fell on the floor and you had no idea. Cleaning will ensure it does not stain your floor.

With the above steps, you can never go wrong with keeping your kitchen spotless. Even with a big family, it is possible. Involve your big family and let them help you in trying to keep your kitchen clean. As you involve them, you can also add them to your routine and teach them how to do it. It is possible to have your kitchen clean, even with a big family.