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What is the Difference between Regular Cleaning and Deep Cleaning?

It is important to maintain a clean and sanitary home environment to ensure you live a safe and healthy lifestyle free from germs, bacteria and other allergies.  A clean house is essential for your family’s health and well-being as it makes everyone feel happy. A chaotic environment leads to stress and distracts you from focusing on other things that matter.

Regular cleaning and deep cleaning are two popular options to consider when you want to eliminate the clutter and keep your house clean. Whether you want to do it yourself or hire a company to do the cleaning for you, it is always important to understand the difference between the two types of cleaning to determine what suits you best. In this article, we will be looking at the differences between regular cleaning and deep cleaning.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning usually takes longer and you will require a generous amount of time for it to be completed. In most cases, homeowners hire professional cleaning companies at least once or twice a year to clean their houses. This type of cleaning is very essential, especially when you have just moved in or you are planning to host a special event in your home. It focuses on tiny spaces and other areas that are not covered properly during general house cleaning. Although deep cleaning is more expensive than regular house cleaning, it can never disappoint you because it covers all areas in your home including places that are hard to reach.

Some of the activities conducted during deep cleaning include washing all the blinds, scale removal from bathroom tiles, showerheads, and kitchen tiles, cleaning under the sink, behind kitchen appliances, inside and outside of all windows, and dusting all corners of your rooms for cobwebs. Although regular cleaning may touch on these areas, some homeowners are more likely to skip a few cleaning procedures while rushing to complete their daily house chores.

Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning is more about upkeep and is done more often to maintain cleanliness in a home. It is recommended after an initial deep cleaning to ensure your house maintains the same level of cleaning. Although regular cleaning is all about maintenance, it does not mean that you will be skipping over the most important parts. Regular cleaning is a comprehensive form of cleaning that covers most areas in a home but is not as extreme as deep house cleaning.

Some of the areas covered by regular cleaning include mopping and hovering the floors, cleaning the bathroom sink, mirror, toilet, and bath, cleaning the kitchen cupboards and wiping down work surfaces. All these cleaning procedures are recommended after deep cleaning to maintain a standard level of cleanliness in your home. Without deep cleaning, a lot of grime and dirt is more likely to accumulate on your bathroom tiles, work surfaces, window blinds and other areas that are hard to reach.

Factors that Influence the Decision between Regular Cleaning and Deep Cleaning

  • The Nature of Dust

Dust is found everywhere and is comprised of elements such as textile fibers, human and animal hair, lint, pollen, and other chemicals. People who live in large cities or homes that are close to main roads will definitely have a high level of dust and grime in their houses. As a result, deep cleaning may be necessary to help you prevent any potential health effects caused by dust.

  • The Effect of Climate

Climate has a strong influence on how dirty your house can get, especially if you live in a dry, humid or cold region.  Cold and moisture leave traces of dirt on windowsills, balcony railings and door handles. The streak of dirty water can be noticed easily if the surface is not clean.

  • Hard to Reach Areas

Every home has spaces that are nearly impossible to clean and may require the help of a professional to get things done. Some of these areas include light fixtures, exhaust fans, areas behind the sink and water and grime stains in the bathroom. In such cases, deep cleaning uses tools that can reach areas that are nearly impossible to clean, making it easier when doing regular house cleaning.

Although you may take a day or two to carry out deep cleaning over your entire house, it might not yield the results you have been looking for. Furthermore, you might spend a lot of time and effort getting rid of grime and tough stains on different surfaces around your home. Hiring a professional cleaning company is a great investment as they perform a thorough deep house cleaning that goes beyond your expectations. Not only does it save you time, but also ensures you live in a safe and clean environment.